Crime Prevention and Investigation

The Functions of the Department of Crime Prevention and Investigation are as follows:

  • Carries out analytical processing of data, maintains appropriate records and analyses security situation in relation to crime and phenomena favouring Development of crime.
  • Provides support to the Court and Prosecutor's Office in collecting Intelligence, executes orders of the court and prosecutor's office and Provides operational support.
  • The Criminal Investigation Department establishes inter-agency and International cooperation on activities within its competence, participates in Taking measures and actions in most complex cases pending in the criminal Investigation departments in regional offices, and performs instructional Supervision in criminal cases held within these departments and performs other tasks in accordance with the law.
  • Coordinate the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Policies, procedures, guidelines and regulations for supporting the actions on Crime prevention, war crimes investigations, restorative justice and museum Art facts of crime wars
  • Preparation and implementation of the five (5) year strategic plan and budget for the department.
  • Preparation and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and Evaluation system and tools for the Department
  • Preparation and implementation of the capacity development for all staff Based on the needs assessment and in-line with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) guidelines and requirements.
  • Preparation of the annual financial estimates in consultation with the heads Of sections
  • Coordinating the formulation of the department’s risk management Framework, risk profiling, risk reporting and monitoring

The department is divided into four sections which include the

  1. The Crime Prevention
  2. War Crimes Investigation,
  3. Restorative Justice
  4. Museum of War Crime