Regional Coordinators

The following are the functions of the department of Regional coordinator:

  • Coordinate all Regional Offices and the Headquarter Activities at Ministry of Justice.
  • Reporting the Services and needs that exist in all Regional offices
  • Obtaining information from the Different Regions and share with the other Ministry Departments
  • Reporting the various activities they perform from Regional Offices
  • Keeping up to date with the latest reports from all the regional centers
  • Accountability for the Workplace and Fair Access to Service doing by Regional offices Employees, on the basis of the Civil Service Act.
  • Establishment of centralized employment system from Head Quarter to Regional and District level, in order to benefit to the communities with fair access to justice.
  • Monitoring and Evaluate to all Regional Officers Activities with base on their Roles
  • Planning for Regional Centralized information to District level
  • Advising the needs of Regional Offices
  • Evaluation of Regional office Services related with their activities
  • Preparing the Annual budget projection, in consultation with Regional Coordinators and Senior Ministry officers
  • Preparing the development plans of regional offices in the ministry of justice
  • Receiving applications employee monthly leave from regional coordinators and submitting them to the Department of Human Resource at Ministry of Justice.

The following are the functions of the Department of of Regional Coordinator

Regional Data Collection

Regional Training

Regional Planning