Minister of Justice Attends graduation ceremony for Inmates at Hargeysa Central Prison

The Ministry of Justice hosted an event in collaboration with Beder International University to commomorate the graduation of inmates at Hargeysa central Prison.

The Minister of Justice alongside a delegation comprising of the chairman of beder international university, the minister of education, the minister of religious affairs, the human rights commission chairman, deputy attorney general participated in the graduation of inmate that was held inside Hargeisa central prison.

The Minister of Justice, Mustafa Mohamed Ali, speaking at the ceremony, underlined that they would work to ensure perpetual continuation of such education such that it would be extended to all prisons in the country.

“We promise, as ministry of justice, to advocate for pardoning of all graduates and those who have depicted rehabilitative conduct as per constitution”, said the minister.

“The message I am conveying here today to everyone who believes that there is injustice in prison, or that people are being persecuted, to witness the ceremony of the graduating prisoners”, added the minister.

The event which saw the first batch of a total of 132 inmates graduate was funded by the ministry of Justice in a project that was started two years ago. Beder university provided the teachers and facilities to make it possible for this initiatives to be successful. The graduates expressed their gratitude for the chance to advance their knowledge and hoped for more to come.

They studied various field and achieved different stages of certification including basic education, diploma of education, postgraduate in education as well as sharia law. The event also saw a brand new library unveiled inside the prison for inmates to help with their studies in the future.